Acupuncture Holistic 3 visits for $195. No new patient fees & you can bill your insurance! DNA test kits, cardio risk panels, gluten sensitivity, hormone studies.  Muscle testing for supplements. Most are no cost to patient. Herbal Medicine & Tui-Na massage.

CLICK & JOIN here for gifts & discounts at our Events! Call me! (858)531-4418  Or just book online! Get your DNA tested for weight loss! Preventive Cardio-Risk panel has over 40 tests. Acuheart has a no fee to patient contract if you have insurance!

Acupuncture: Specialty with mapping systems of the the brain research from MRI studies; Anti-Aging Acupuncture. Regenerative Medicine. Sports Endurance &  Fertility Treatments. Fast Recovery from both injury or post operative. Auto-Immune & Thyroid specialist. Master Zhu Scalp. Dr. Tong & Koryo styles. This is Evidence Based Medicine.

Functional Medicine:  Functional means keeping your hormones, neurochemistry, immune systems and all your organs at optimal functional levels for age and gender. It means testing for full thyroid, liver, adrenal, hormones and your vitamin needs. Test kits using your DNA for best weight loss program, Cardiac Risk Panels. Gluten and Hormone kits. New DNA test for Cancer & the preventive protocol.

Oriental Medicine: The most comprehensive preventive model on planet earth. O.M. integrates herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, tissue mobilization, diet & nutrition. I also integrate aromatherapy, homeopathy, muscle testing, supplements & so much more! It is the wisest, oldest most global system studied to a profound level. It is the difference.

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Solana Beach Acupuncture

Patricia provides exceptional integrative medicine (Acupuncture, Total Body & Nutrition) at the highest standards in the San Diego/ North County areas. I was dealing with chronic lower back pain and now I am operating pain free thanks to Patricia! Highly recommend her extraordinary gift in this area.

Solana Beach Acupuncture

San Diego Acupuncture

“Thank you so much, Patricia! My session was better than I could have ever expected. I really felt great after the acupuncture, and you’ve helped me figure out my food sensitivities! I really appreciate how thoughtful and gentle and relaxing the whole experience was, I will definitely be back for more on a regular basis!”

San Diego Acupuncture

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Acuheart & The Integrative Model. Prevention.

Combining PhD Herbal Medicine, Mapping systems of the brain Acupuncture, Soft Massage therapy, and Dietary therapy with Functional Lab Medicine.

Heart disease is 80% preventable. Cancer is 60% preventable. Diabetes & Obesity is 90% preventable. Acuheart is  Holistic and Preventive. I look at the body as a whole incorporating mental and physical issues. Read More »

Conditions and Ailments Treated with acupuncture

Do you have Arthritis, Diabetes, Hashimoto’s Thyroid, Hypertension, Cholesterol Issues, Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lung disorders? Irritable Bowel or Bladder dysfunction, Gall Stones? Constipation, Indigestion.  Find out what you are at risk for with functional blood chemistry and Chinese Medicine Pulse Diagnosis. 
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