Del Mar acupuncturist with 29 years of service. “A Holistic approach is the difference.” Patricia Blake,OMD.LAc, Owner.  Acupuncture offers the fastest activation to slow down degeneration. Schedule your appointments online. OFFERS  EVENTS & CLINIC UPDATES HERE


  The 3 Part Formula

Integrative-healthAcupuncture:  Evidence Based Acupuncture Medicine. Expert acupuncturist with over 28 years. Discover the gentle touch with profound changes. Most advanced techniques.

Functional Medicine: Prevent disease before it becomes a disorder with functional blood chemistry. Some tests are !00% by insurance carriers. DNA tests available!

Oriental Medicine: Best of science and expertise in Chinese Medicinals. Safe and effective. The science of 5000 years of case studies continues to this day!


Solana Beach Acupuncture

Patricia provides exceptional integrative medicine (Acupuncture, Total Body & Nutrition) at the highest standards in the San Diego/ North County areas. I was dealing with chronic lower back pain and now I am operating pain free thanks to Patricia! Highly recommend her extraordinary gift in this area.

Solana Beach Acupuncture

San Diego Acupuncture

“Thank you so much, Patricia! My session was better than I could have ever expected. I really felt great after the acupuncture, and you’ve helped me figure out my food sensitivities! I really appreciate how thoughtful and gentle and relaxing the whole experience was, I will definitely be back for more on a regular basis!”

San Diego Acupuncture

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Arthritis, Insomnia, Headaches, Pain, chronic or acute. Auto-immune disorders, Diabetes, Celiac, Allergies, Fibromyalgia,Gout, Addictions,Anxiety,Stress,Depression, if your body degenerating then you need to make the steps to correct it the sooner the better.

When you book online you get an awesome discount. Package discount of 3 visits is $195.

Bring your lab work & I will assess your organ function. Bring your supplements and Rx to review optimal efficacy with muscle testing.

I am at your service. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me.



Acuheart Integrative Acupuncture & Functional Medicine