Over 30 Years of Experience


     When Patricia was a teenager, she started having intense migraines. They gave her convulsions and kept her in bed for days. One doctor wanted to fuse her cervical, another to use dangerous anti-convulsant meds and yet another offered radiation for the brain. Her parents decided to take her to a Chinese doctor who changed her diet and gave her herbs. She has not had a migraine since. She quickly became obsessed with what she ate. She grew her own food and took advantage of living in Peru to learn all that she could about plants and herbs. Peru is recognized today as one of the most vast herbal medicine depositories and has the most profound impact of food species in the world. She worked with the ministry of health under Dr. Cabieses, a renowned cardiologist in South America, who founded the traditional medicine protective rights in Peru. 

     Patricia Blake has over 30 years of experience with Regenerative Medicine. Chinese

Medicine just happens to be the best at oriental medicine specialists in San Diego! Leaving Peru in the mid 80's to live in China in search of the best school sure makes this point. She landed at the University of Shanghai. China was communist. There was no internet, no sugar, cold beer or pillows for that matter. Yet this passion earned her a doctorate from a school for international students. School was 6 days and 8 hours daily. The nights were left

for biking around the beautiful city of Shanghai with other students. 


      But China was just the match that lit an extensive lifetime of study for Patricia. Hong Kong had one of the most coveted acupuncturists who had fled Mao's China. A six month one-on-one course was the height of study and research, later followed by a 6-month internship at the Kalu Bowila Hospital. Sri Lanka was at war and the significance of treating patients from not just common pains and unhealthy conditions, but Sri Lanka was undergoing devastating AIDS occurrences due to war and other influences. Treatments were focused on the immune system and Patricia was able to treat up to 200 patients a day. The country was an absolute contrast of beauty and the beast. The beast of pain and this disease that took the lives of so many while she was there.

Oriental Medicine Specialist and Acupuncturist

     Returning to the USA, Patricia continued to attend three years post graduation and two more years following grants from the federal government with addiction withdrawal heroine protocols. Then she went to Peru where she set up a busy clinic. Patricia appeared on TV, magazines and other local news. She was amazed at the need, and after just a few years decided to go back to the United States to further study and pass the state and national licenses. She also worked with masters in Chinese Medicine in California. Patricia reached out to best San Diego acupuncturists and learned from not just Chinese Medicine, but Japanese,Taiwan, French and some of the best trained in the U.S 

     Furthermore, Patricia is a qualified functional medicine bio chemistry specialist which

allows her to review blood work from a narrow preventive perspective. She is trained in

bio identical hormone, and considered a specialist. She took over 12 years of a specialty

in auto-immune thyroid with a now famous doctor who is an authority, Dr. Kharrazian. She

 has over 25 years in conferences and symposiums of integrative medicines from cardiology, neurology, to environmental medicine. 

     Patricia believes in her calling. Her destiny is to continue this quest to give her patients the best there is to offer. 

     Her claim to fame will be is the  unique system that is clearly her own. She calls it Mapping Systems of the Brain Acupuncture. Our body is covered with maps and uses mimic like PDF files. Similar to her training in Project Walk under Dr. Akong, where the scalp is the whole body, or with Dr. Nogier, where the ear is the whole body, or Hara, Japanese style and so on. What she has done is put it all together.

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