Acupuncture tops all activation pathways, delays degeneration.

Mapping System

The human body is one big intelligent system. Your body is an energetic network that contains your life history. Every event is recorded in the tissues, on a cellular level, as well as in the energetic field that infuses, surrounds, supports, and informs the life of your body.

When you get sick, something has happened in your body and we need to tell it what to do to get better. Your body has the innate capacity to heal – this system gets it there.

Begin by attending to a series of at least 12 treatments. Maybe the first 6 should be within 3 months. The longer you have been suffering from a chronic disorder the better it is for you to get several treatments in the first few weeks. Dont let your disorders become diseases become distress that acticate auto-immune pathways. This really brings on a delay in healing.

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