The Gut is the Second Brain. Feed it strong.

Listen to your body. Find the time to take care of it. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Check out health blogs & share. Listen to your body. Love the bulletproof diet. Get on prebiotics!! Don’t eat burnt food. Go raw w veggies & balance with steamed & stirred veggies. What are you doing to prevent the future #1 disease after heart disease? Alzheimer’s & dementia. The gut is the second brain! Did you know acupuncture is proven to repair your DNA? The ancients had it right. I am hearing more about intermittent fasting & it reaffirms the way how today tribes & older longeve cultures are still staying brain active. Please get off wheat & all gluten!! Listen it’s my job to stay update on this. Learning about epigenetics. The science of DNA!! I already have panels for elaborated testing but it will tell you what we already know we all have to do: eat right for your dna type. Let’s do this. The resources are here now!! Have any questions, text me!!

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