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Acupuncture is like getting a foot massage, it may feel like it hurts and then it releases the blockage. You can think of acupuncture as a way for your body to free up the meridians or circulatory pathways, lymph, vessel, muscle, tendon... yes! Tendons are connective tissue and part of the massive integumentary which is your skin!! Your skin comes in so many different forms and not always something you can see on the outside! Your skin is connected to your organs and wraps into ligaments, the skin in the eyes, inside your ears, and your bones. Inside and out!

When you are stressed or have not slept or eat something your body does not agree with, it will show it in the skin. If you have a skin disorder it is most likely associated with a stress and food factor! No amount of cortisone is going to treat! Always think of what is the root cause of this.

Figuring out exactly this is my job! Sometimes its as easy as following the trail of the meridian where the signs of inflammation show, and other times it may take a couple of visits and some blood panels.

Your gut & lungs are play a major role in your skin. In meridian pathology we may treat an associated organ to heal the one that is acting sick.

Food can act like an allergy. Your gut is a very wise and sensitive organ. It knows when something you are eating is not real. Preservatives, coloring, genetically modified or engineered foods and even foods that your blood type are not designed to eat.

With so many diets today it is almost impossible to figure out what to do with food today. But now we have DNA tests that can tell us exactly what our body is able to digest and what it won't absorb.

Malabsorption is a major issue today. So is anemia. Both together are a storm. And your hair, skin and nails will be the first to know.

We are in a generation of food fears. Apparently eating in America is hazardous to our health.

But lets not go ape yet. How about some common sense. Start with 5 different vegetables into your diet, add essential oils, and get some panels to make sure your organs are tuned up. You do it for your car, why not for yourself. Aging can be gracious. Be kind to your body. Take care of it. Find partners in health to help the constant healing of your body. Stay healthy and prevent disease.

Acupuncture and the Chinese model of health is extraordinary. Adding functional medicine, herbs and nutrition potentiate your capacities.

Be wise, stay healthy. Its your mind you are keeping to the end. Del Mar CA. San Diego North County

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