• Lexy Lane

The Troublesome Factor of Conventional Blood Chemistry

Most are able to recall an office trip to the doctor whereby labs are ordered in response to chief complaints; perhaps fatigue, bloating, hair loss, general malaise, and/or more. Anticipating the results, you receive results that appear normal, yet the unwell feeling and symptoms persist. Why?

Standard lab reports provide a pathological range, which most are familiar with. Pathological ranges are useful for indication of pathology or disease potential. How these ranges are calculated and defined is the part most are unfamiliar with.

Pathological, or "conventional" blood chemistry ranges are simply the calculated averages of all patients who had blood analyses from the laboratory over a certain period of time (usually, over the past year). It may be disheartening to realize your lab results are merely a comparison to previous year patients whom were likely experiencing poor health to some degree. These skewed results do little to indicate a constitution of good or optimal health.

Fortunately, the pathological range is not the only method available for interpreting blood chemistry. Functional blood chemistry has a stricter degree of variation over what constitutes “normal” within specified ranges, and unlike pathological blood chemistry, functional ranges assess risk of disease before disease is present. In fact, “normal” pathological ranges usually present as abnormal when viewed from a functional blood chemistry standpoint. Hence, you very well may be feeling sick for a reason – that reason being you truly are in sub-optimal ranges, but your current healthcare provider may lack the skills and training to be able to interpret your test results from a functional perspective.

The conventional medicine model is concerned with diagnosis of disease. In this model, absence of disease is viewed as being in good “health”. This is not the case with traditional forms of medicine such as those practiced in Japan and Europe where disease prevention in combination with optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being constitutes good health. Functional blood chemistry provides patients a clearer understanding of physiological imbalances and nutritional deficiencies affecting their health.

Acuheart specializes in functional blood chemistry. If your pathological lab results are “normal” but you still feel unwell and are experiencing symptoms, please come in for an functional blood chemistry assessment.

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