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My Appointment Scheduler is now even faster and better. Here are 3 Actions to Reduce Stress and Enjo

Three simple actions you can take to reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing today!

  1. Journal Away the Stress! Grab a notebook or a simple pen and paper – nothing fancy. Write all your stressors down. This can be done anytime of day, but I find it is most helpful to do in the evening before bed. So many of us live busy lives with enormous mental to-do lists. No wonder so many people have insomnia! Our brains are extraordinary and powerful but just think of how much energy your brain has requires in order to keep those mental to-do lists in the conscious mind day in and day out! Brain dumping, writing to-do lists, or journaling our emotions can offer incredible, almost-instantaneous relief and can help those committed to the practice experience greater mindfulness, earnest self-discipline, healing, heightened-creativity, and of course: a reduction in stress and anxiety that accompanies stress!

  2. Move That Body! The research is out there – we all know exercise is exceptionally beneficial to the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system. I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to say exercise has great benefits for one’s mental health too! Start today. Find a way to move for thirty minutes. Break it up into 3 ten-minute sessions if need be! The possibilities are endless. Why not do some gentle stretching while watching television, treat your pet (and yourself!) for a nice sunset walk, tend to the garden, or sign-up for a class! Exercise in any form is effective in releasing pent up energy, anxiousness, or tension.

  3. Practice Mindful Meditation. Life is busy. We all have obligations, responsibilities, and the next thing to-do. A racing cloudy mind is no good for anyone! We want clarity of thought and focus. Practicing mindfulness through meditation can help one become present and redirect their thoughts. Mindfulness boasts impressive mental and physical benefits with a reduction in stress at the top of the list! Start with just a few minutes a day and work your way up over time. Meditation can be done anytime - upon rising, in the shower/bath, prior to sleep, while the kids are at school. Find a place and time that works with your schedule and give it a try! There are even some amazing meditation apps to help you through the process if you want guidance and a daily friendly reminder. :)

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