Would you leave me a review? Plus Happy Mothers Day special for the month of May.

Just thought I would ask. It would be of tremendous support if you left me a review on Google Maps, Yelp, or here on my website? It will lift my spirits as I will read them, and will help me stay in my vision to be where I am supposed to be. I would be so grateful. It is a privilege to serve you. 

As a gift to all of you and in support of all mothers, for the month of May if you buy a package of 3 you will get a free extra visit in your package which you can donate to a mom or someone you think would really benefit thru this season. And of course you can keep for yourself too!

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Clinic is open. Just make your appointment online, and I will make sure there is distance between patients. I am using ozone, far infrared as you know kills viruses, bacteria, mold and microbes plus a whole lot more!

I use a powerful natural essential oil, which is sprayed in the air intake to keep the whole clinic from any suspended particulates and I also hand spray the entire clinic. 

I am using bleach on tables and anything patients or I touch that you might touch. Even the entrance door handle and the bathroom key. 

All patients wash their hands and I use the mask. If you could wear a mask it is of good practice to do so. 

I have all the herbals and supplements to support your immune system and if there are any conditions that need to be addressed I am well trained to do so.

I love you dearly and sure hope you and your family is doing well. 

Yours truly,

Patricia Blake

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