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Integrative Functional Medicine & Acupuncture

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Meet Patricia Blake

Del Mar acupuncturist with 29 years of service.

Acupuncture offers the fastest activation to slow down degeneration.

Arthritis • Insomnia  Migraines • Pain, chronic or acute • Auto-immune disorders

Diabetes  Celiac • Allergies  Fibromyalgia • Thyroid Lyme

  •  Anxiety • Stress • Depression


The 3 Part Formula


Evidence Based Acupuncture Medicine. Expert acupuncturist with over 28 years. Discover the gentle touch with profound changes. Most advanced techniques.

Functional Medicine

Prevent disease before it becomes a disorder with functional blood chemistry. Some tests are 100% covered by insurance carriers. DNA,Cardio/Celiac tests available!

Oriental Medicine

Best of science and expertise in Chinese Medicinals. Safe and effective. The science of 5000 years of case studies continues to this day!

  PhD Formulations 


910 Camino Del Mar

Suite H Del Mar CA



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