We all know how far back Oriental Medicine goes. I love the stories of

Emperors seeking the kingdom for the best doctors and how they were all about living

the longest to have the most children. Isn't that what China is all about? Even my

teacher at the U of Shanghai would speak about doctors trained for healing warriors.

The concepts of revitalizing the body by reducing stress. Even as a student I had to

get up at the break of dawn to practice Tai Qi, and learn the concept of keeping my breath

with the breath of my masters. 


Medical acupuncture clinic service in San Diego has the concept of integrity with everything surrounding our universe. Some styles even practice horoscope acupuncture. Personally I like evidence based. Which took me to this current style. I the last 29 years I have been trained in Japanese Hara, Korean Koryo, Traditional, Taiwanese and even French which offers the best of auricular. 


What you will receive in your protocols at Acuheart is a globalization of the best health acupuncture service in San Diego. The light feather touch of Japanese, the mapping systems and many micro systems of the Korean and French, and the thousands of years of study from point use from the Chinese. 


I call it Mapping Systems of the Brain. After all, I am sending messages to the brain. As if the points were telegraphs, the meridians are really the direct pathways over muscle, tissue and other tissues which the French named Meridians. Your body has an electro conductive pathway which is a connect the dot line on top of points which are extremely powerful activators. When a seasoned acupuncturist "connects the dots", it acts like a pdf files of terabytes being sent to your brain and your organs to regenerate function. Sort of like what we are doing when writing phrases to make paragraphs to come up with a story!


I have been trained by masters to use pulse, tongue and abdominal palpation to observe changes and get a differential diagnosis. 


The Chinese Medical language is strange to a western doctor but its still a language of medicine. This includes the concepts of yin and yang, qi which are the most common! No one has this perfect balance, but just like I have to seek it daily with what I choose to eat, how to exercise  how to think and express myself, it all becomes part of the balance for completion of a 24 hour cycle.

Herbs & Nutrition

From the moment you walk in, I am observing. Being trained to investigate.

I am looking for presentations of orders an disorder. Some are obvious like walking

in with your hands on your back, a limp, stress, anxiety or just deep concern.

 I will listen to you as we go thru the forms and start processing the information

that will go towards your holistic integrative treatments including Chinese

Medicine, Herbs and Supplements. I  know what works. I started my curiosity as

and herbalist way back in my teens when I personally suffered from migraines and 

could not leave my room due to disabling pain and wanted to leave this planet.

No one could help me! One doctor wanted to fuse my neck, another wanted radiation

to my brain, another was thinking other wild ideas with surgery or opiates to mask my pain.

Thank God my parents chose to take me to a Chinese doctor in Lima who changed my diet

and put me on herbs. Disabling migraines were gone

and I had more energy my parents knew what to do with! I am passionate about this. It is part of your protocol. I like to give acupuncture a chance, so I may not always give you an herbs & supplements right away. I know acupuncture will do its job, but sometimes and specially with pain, I will on your first visit.


No other country in the world has studied plants like the Chinese. They know herbs like we know drugs. Even today in China, everyone carries herbs brewed into teas in their glass jars. When I traveled China by train I could hear the thousands of glass jars on tables of herbal brews as much as I could hear the train rumble through the tracks. China continues this practice to the day. To them, using drugs provokes more side effects and signal more organ degeneration than the early use of herbal diagnose and practice as part to a daily protocol. Like me, it was something I started in my teens, and changed my life for good.


Ask me how I chose herbs to treat my cancer! Another walk with the boots for planet earth.

Functional Blood Chemistry

Wow! Now this is 21st C medicine. If I can get close to organ dysfunction with pulse,

tongue and holistic body diagnostic tools, then think what looking at what is

happening with your organs with blood chemistry. Here too I chose to learn

from the best. I am constantly attending course work to keep up with health

trends, and I am so glad I got to learn from Dr. Kharrazian from the beginning.

He is now a world lecturer and is a coveted speaker. 


 "There is no general screening test that is more efficient, effective and affordable

than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. A comprehensive blood chemistry panel

will allow the healthcare provider to quickly assess the degree of health or disease in a

patient. It is the ultimate tool in biomedical laboratory sciences to evaluate new patients.

It allows the healthcare provider to establish a baseline of biomarkers that can be used to

track the patient's health immediately and over a period of time."



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