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10 Snack Ideas to Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable

Did you know blood sugar dysregulation is at the crux of metabolic mayhem? That's right! Blood sugar stabilization is an absolute requirement for optimal adrenal function, healthy hormones, energy levels, proper pituitary and thyroid function, and overall metabolic health!

Here are ten nutritious snack ideas to help keep your blood sugar stabilized, your hormones happy, your brain at peak performance, and your energy levels optimal.

1. Veggies & Hummus: simple and satisfying (Easy Hummus Recipe)

2. Nut-Milk Yogurt with Organic Berries: Antioxidant-rich and delicious

3. Apple or Pear Slices with Nut Butter: Easy, breezy, and yummy

4. Homemade Energy Bars or Bites: Make ahead pop leftovers in the freezer for a tasty treat (Vegan Chocolate Almond Butter Energy Bites Recipe)

5. Nuts: A small handful of almonds, macadamias, walnuts, pecans, or mix is an easy on-the-go snack for all ages!

6. Avocado, lightly-salted: Delicious and full of healthy fats to keep you satiated longer. Also incredible for hormones! Bonus!

7. Chia Seed Pudding: Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and full of fiber, chia pudding is a delectable snack (Here at 36 Chia Seed Pudding Recipes to Browse)

8. Ants on a Log: Nut-butter loaded celery topped with raisins (Recipe)

9. Paleo Granola: Eat it by itself, with nut-milk or on yogurt! (Homemade Paleo & Vegan Granola Recipe)

10. Chicken Salad with Gluten-Free Crackers: A fulfilling afternoon snack (Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Recipe)



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