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Body Under Fire: Excerpt from a Toxic Gut Protocol

Optimize the gallbladder. According to Shade, failure to move bile is actually at the heart of detox reactions. This makes a lot of sense because when there is stagnation or congestion in the body, toxins will be reabsorbed, and the redistribution of a toxin burden will inevitably be FELT. In other words, when you are detoxing faster than the body has an ability to remove the toxins, herxheimer reactions will provoke. Phosphatidylcholine has been shown to increase bile flow and prevent cholestasis. Likewise, phosphatidylcholine will be a crucial component in optimizing my gallbladder.

1. Bitters before meals. Currently, I take gentian prior to meals with protein since it is in my Betaine HCL pills. But to take it a step further, I will include dandelion root at the start of my meals. Activation of the bitter receptors encourages bile flow.

2. Binders after meals. I will be taking a concoction of binders to cover all my bases.

  • Quicksilver IMD for mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium

  • Chitosan for Ochratoxin A, PCBs, phthalates, BPA, select metals, and endotoxins

  • Activated Charcoal for endotoxins, mycotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs

  • Bentonite for mycotoxins, BPA, pesticides, herbicides, select metals

Binders are essentially magnets for select toxins. Use of binders are critical for ensuring toxins are escorted OUT of the body and not recirculated into the blood stream only to be dumped off in a different location of the body.

3. Speeding up transit time with fiber. Psyllium husk and Acacia gum will be my fibers of choice since my body does well with them and acacia gum is especially useful in cases of leaky gut as it is a soluble prebiotic fiber known to increase Bifidobacteria (a much-wanted friendly bacteria) in the gut.


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