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Product Spotlight: Malvin Phenolic

Several food substances contain phenolic compounds - a term related to the molecular structure of specific compounds in many foods. In the world of chemistry, these are called phenolic "rings" and literally, possess a ring, or circular shape at a molecular level. These phenolic rings can create an allergenic response in some individuals.

Some well-known foods containing phenolic rings include [1]:

  • cocoa

  • onions

  • berries

  • olives

  • various spices

  • radishes

  • mushrooms

Energique offers a line of isopathic phenolic remedies formulated at various potentcies (6-12-30x and 12-30c) to assist the body in desensitizing itself to various foods associated with phenolic rings. Lets take a look at a one product in particular from this line.

Malvin Phenolic

Malvin is a natural phenolic pigment generally responsible for the blue and red coloring in plants. This includes beets, black eyed peas, olives, cabbage, radishes, eggplant, tomatoes, turnips, and onions. However, some foods including carrots, green peas, maize, potatoes, cashews, walnuts, and avocados contain prodigious amounts of Malvin despite a red/blue hue due to the pH of plant tissues. Malvin is a compound of high neurological activity and benefit, with a wide range of effectiveness observed by Energique [2].

In children with attention deficit disorders such as dyslexia, diskinesia, and some cases of autism, Malvin is a first preference. In addition, Malvin has a major influence on asthma, especially when and where the asthma is enhanced by excitement and exercise. Malvin has also been used with good success in cases of arthritis and psoriasis [2].

Energique's Malvin Phenolic contains Malvin 6x, 12x, 30x, 12c, 30c and distilled water. 20% ethanol.



2. Energique Product Catalog


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